high Praise for Tanya Scott’s Boundless

Wonderful, knowledgeable, careful instructors. Great community environment. People of all ages. Very friendly.
— Fran B.

Tanya made the class so easy to follow and is very knowledgeable. A level for everyone to work at!
— Beth M.

More ‘healing’ than exercise.
— Greg A.

I am SO grateful for Boundless! Tanya is fantastic and her “Boundless” classes are my favorite gym activity. Rebounding has been so much fun and I love how youthful and happy I feel while getting a great workout!

Tanya offers different levels of classes, and is extremely helpful in ALL aspects, just ask her for help and she goes above and beyond for each of her clients! Tanya is the best! If you have not gone...GO! You will not regret it!
— April R.

Great workout, Tanya is very knowledgeable, attentive, supportive and professional. I love bounce class!
— Carol C.

The number one most effective exercise I’ve ever experienced absolutely love love it!!! Tanya is a true expert.
— April A.

My Mom & I love this class! It’s a great work out and you can make it as hard as you like. The environment is relaxed, music is fun, & Tanya is a great teacher.
— KC P.

This place was recommended to me by a friend who knows how much I HATE to exercise and especially HATE group exercise. We went together and well...I was hooked after my first class. It’s so much fun and challenging I don’t even feel like I’m working out but I’m hella sweaty when it’s over and jazzed about life and the rest of my day. Small classes (6 at most I think..), great music, and Tanya, owner/instructor is educated, positive, energetic (without going overboard), encouraging, helpful, really sweet and sincere and loves what she does. I’ve recommended it to clients and friends and pretty much everyone who goes says the same thing..”that was so much fun!” Who knew :0)
— Adrianna P.

Love love this studio! I don’t live in Sebastopol but every time I’m in town, I make sure to book a class at Boundless. The classes are fun and energizing...I don’t even feel like I’m working out! And the amazing thing is, I get super sore the next day! Rebounding really works! An, the owner Tanya is super knowledgeable about rebounder fitness and post workout rehabilitation/foam rolling. Definitely great to get tips from her. Definitely recommend this studio!
— S.S.

I discovered boundless through a friend who signed us up for a free class. That was back in February. I have been rebounding ( bouncing ) twice a week since then. It has changed and shaped my body in a way no other form of exercise has. No injuries, big smiles and a workout that covers everything from cardio to weights. My body looks better than then ever. My strength and endurance has skyrocketed, and the naturally detoxifying movement of bouncing has even improved my skin and digestion. As a dancer and Avid hiker I thought I was in pretty good shape but rebounding with the owner Tanya’s expert instruction, guidance and focus has taken me to a entirely new level.
I have never had so much fun working out.
— Debbi R.

Have you ever gone to an exercise class and felt awkward and a bit out of place? The second I stepped in the door at Boundless that feeling was instantly gone. Tanya is super welcoming and makes everyone feel completely comfortable. The classes are tailored for all, from beginner to advanced. Perfect for any age! Another huge plus is the small class size. The studio is easily accessible with plenty of local parking. I highly recommend Boundless!
— B.B.

I really enjoy the workout! I walk out soaking wet in sweat with a smile on my face! The music is also great to !
— Rachel S.

Small class size, good support and instruction for the level one is at - rank beginner like me and those much more advanced...
— Mara R.

I heard about Boundless through a client. I decided to give it a try and loved it. The owner Tanya was so welcoming and nice as soon as I walked in the door. The studio is adorable and very clean. Tanya was so knowledgeable and helpful through the whole class. The music was great and lots of good energy flowing through the room. Everyone was very friendly. The class size is small which I love especially when trying something new. Tanya was very attentive to each client. It was fun yet a great workout. I will definitely go back and recommend it to all my girlfriends. Easy to find and easy parking which is always a bonus. Boundless Studio is the only one in the area we are so lucky to have it here!!!
— Marri B.

Great workout that fits my schedule.
— Susan O.

Very welcoming owner/instructor and group of students. Everything was explained well, she offered options and made sure everyone was following. The class was very fun!! I really enjoyed it and look forward to coming back!
— Rachelle H.

Wonderful teacher, great environment, good music and routines.
— Lisa T.

The Bounce class kicked my butt! I will definitely try to come again.
— Nicole S.

Tanya and her studio are wonderful! She is so positive and encouraging no matter what level you may be on. She adapts for you until you are ready for the next step. It’s so much fun and so good for you!
— Kathleen D.

I’m coming up on 2 years & my BP is lower , and my weight is stable. She’s a great inspiration never boring.
— Christina B.

Bouncing is so helpful for strength, balance and overall cardiac health.
— Meagan P.