Rebounding is 2x the cardio and burns fat 50% faster than running; with NO jarring or joint strain* 


TANYA SCOTT’S BOUNDLESS is an innovative fitness studio offering mind & body changing exercise in small classes that bring together the high energy, motivation and a community of a group exercise class while providing the personalized instruction and maximized results of one-on-one training.  BOUNDLESS specializes in Rebounding; together with our unique strength training techniques and interval classes, and our amazing community, we offer a trifecta of super effective exercise!  We employ movement sequences that challenge your body and engage your mind, so your body will never plateau, assuring optimal fitness and strength gains w/out injury, and you'll not get bored or burned out - because it's so much FUN!  NO MUSCLE, CELL OR JOINT LEFT BEHIND!  


Join us for the most fun you’ll ever have exercising!




  • HELPS OSTEOPOROSIS - "The best exercise for Healthy Bones" - NYT, 2009. Current science says that the simple act of jumping up and down is the single best exercise for maintaining/improving bone density.

  • WEIGHT CONTROL - Rebounding burns fat 50% faster than running and because it's so much fun, and far less exhausting, you'll actually want to do it! Consistency is key to weight management and you're far more likely to stay committed, if you enjoy it!

  • BACK PAIN - Bouncing on the ultra gentle bungees of the Bellicon® rebounder strengthens core muscles, including lower back muscles; it lubricates joints, creating more flexibility and comfort and improves balance, coordination & posture. This is the recipe for a healthy, pain-free back!

  • LYMPH AND EDEMA - Arguably the single best exercise for your lymphatic system: The energizing effects of a rebounding workout ignites your lymphatic system, helping to flush toxins, bacteria and other waste from your body. You’ll be left feeling renewed and cleansed from the inside out!

  • PELVIC FLOOR - The act of bouncing on a rebounder naturally strengthens your pelvic floor. For people with pelvic floor weakness, the proper form of this exercise can not only strengthen the surrounding muscles themselves, but can also help maintain a healthy weight and encourage proper digestive functioning, both of which can help to reduce symptoms of pelvic floor instability.

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM - The best way to build your defenses against illness and environmental conditions, is to provide your body with what it needs most – a healthy diet and lifestyle that includes moderate but effective aerobic exercise. Exercise not only helps your immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections, it decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer! Rebounding is the perfect exercise!


  • CARDIO - Recent studies have confirmed that bouncing on a rebounder is significantly superior to running for reaching target heart rates, increasing cardio strength and engaging muscles, and that it also reduces fat 50% faster. Test subjects report that it's less fatiguing, and would choose to exercise longer while jumping. Rebounding increases your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories more efficiently. And with no strain on your joints.

  • STRENGTH - All 638 muscles in your body are activated when bouncing on a rebounder. Your muscles respond to alternating weightlessness and 3x g-force, by flexing and relaxing instantaneously, strengthening and toning them naturally and efficiently. Activates every cell, organ, muscle, tendon, and bone in your body.

  • TONING - Core stability muscles are constantly engaged, without thinking about it, to keep you stable and balanced, so you're toning your core every moment you're on the rebounder. You'll strengthen your stomach and lower back muscles, without a single crunch! Your legs and glutes will be particularly toned in a holistic and effective way that only rebounding can do. Added dynamic arm sequences ensure a full body tone-up!

  • BALANCE & COORDINATION - The constant engagement of core-muscles improves your core stability and balance. Added mind-body exercise sequences work to further strengthen accessory muscles and overall coordination. Rebounding increases your body awareness - You'll walk taller, stronger and more securely!


  • 2X as effective! 10 min of rebounding is better than 25 min of running! Super efficient, effective and fun!

  • Vertical movement flushes the lymphatic system and cleans the circulatory system, sending fresh, oxygenated blood to the heart.

  • Lean, lean and lean - you'll get lean more quickly than ever before! Burns fat 50% faster than running.

  • It's so fun that you'll want to keep doing it, and consistency is the key to physical fitness. Give this to yourself!



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