Frequently Asked Questions & Important Things to Know

Important Things to Know:

Studio Phone: 707-827-8192

  • Classes are limited to 9 people, so please be sure to sign up in advance! 

  • To achieve the results that you deserve, and to maintain optimum cardiovascular and bone health, we recommend at least 3 classes per week.

  • Wear workout gear. Be prepared to sweat.

  • We rebound in bare feet or sticky yoga socks; athletic shoes are encouraged for our BOUNCE class.

  • We request clients sign up for class at least 24 hours in advance. However, we are happy to accommodate late sign-ups when possible. If you'd like to attend class within the next 30min, please call the studio to confirm availability 707-827-8192.

  • We require 24 hrs cancellation notice. 

  • We offer both 30min and 50min classes - see the schedule for details


What do I wear?

Wear workout gear that you're comfortable sweating in - leggings, sweats that will stay up when you bounce, a t-shirt/tank top and a quality sports bra for women. We bounce in bare feet or sticky yoga socks (unless you’re recovering from a foot injury or have another reason you’d prefer shoes). Exception: we recommend wearing athletic shoes for BOUNCE class because this interval class will have you on and off the rebounder.

Do I have to take the MOVE class prior to any other class?

Yes - Because rebounding involves working out on a pliable surface that is raised off the floor, and we want you to feel safe and confident while working out, we request you attend a MOVE class first. It'll teach you everything you need to know about rebounding while giving you an invigorating, holistic and exceptional workout! 

Does "low-impact" mean it's easy?

Yes and no. Many people who come for the first MOVE class are convinced they're too strong or fit to do a "low-impact" workout. They quickly discover how different and deceiving rebounding is. Because rebounding works your entire body all at once, all 638 muscles, every tendon and metabolic function, it's uber-effective and efficient. 

At the same time, due to the very nature of the low-to-no-impact effect of the rebounder, what might otherwise be fairly strenuous and/or difficult or even impossible on flat ground, is doable and requires less effort on the rebounder!  

For example: A traditional jumping jack is so much more interesting, effective and yet less strenuous and jarring when done on the rebounder. In fact, what you may not be able to do on flat ground, you may be thrilled to do on the rebounder!

Do I need to wear sneakers?

We recommend athletic shoes for our BOUNCE class. For all other classes, you can choose to wear sticky yoga socks or go barefoot.

* If you have a recent foot injury, are post-op or have other extenuating circumstances, where wearing shoes will make you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to do so in any class.  Please tell your instructor of any injuries or mobility limitations.

Do I have to pay for a class I miss?

Yes - due to our very limited class size - 10 people max - We request 24hrs cancellation notice.  Of course sometimes circumstances are such that we'll be happy to waive the late charge.

Are towels, water and/or showers provided?

Yes - We provide clean towels.

Yes - We provide delicious, locally sourced, Mayacamas Spring water.

No - We do not have showers.

Ready to bounce?