Classes Offered

Classes are limited to 6 people per class - so please be sure to sign up in advance. All classes are 50min, unless otherwise noted. We recommend at least 3 classes per week to see results and maintain optimum cardiovascular and bone health.  


Boundless Move

Rediscover the joys of physical activity! Our low impact, low intensity, high fun class. A holistic and health boosting class focused on correct form and posture, balance and coordination.  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Especially appropriate for people suffering from physical deficits or recovering from injury.   Required before taking Bounce or Circuit. 


Boundless Bounce

Have fun, torch calories, build endurance, strength/power and muscle mass.  Invigorating and high intensity. Suitable for all ages.  Must take one MOVE class as a prerequisite to BOUNCE. 

Boundless Circuit 

HIIT - High intensity interval training. Be part of a team that motivates & pushes each other to greater results; a versatile and total body workout designed to build muscles, improve endurance and coordination. Suitable for all age groups of moderate to high fitness levels/health.

Boundless Roll

There's a new buzzword in the fitness world: fascia! Recent science reveals that this important connective tissue that wraps around your muscles and organs, gets stored up with toxins and tensions resulting from our often hectic and stressful,  modern life styles. The very serious and long term health consequences to this storage include but are not limited to: excess weight, chronic pain, poor posture, acute anxiety, insomnia - just to name a few! Using a simple foam roller, you can release tension, rid your body of debilitating toxins while also elongating your muscles, breaking up scar tissue and reshaping your body into a leaner, longer, more subtle and younger version of yourself. It's a magic wand-roller!