About us



Tanya Scott, Founder

Tanya is Sonoma County’s only certified rebounding trainer with an additional 20+ years as a certified fitness instructor. After Tanya personally experienced the amazing results of rebounding on her own body and mind, she opened Boundless to share this ground-breaking mode of whole body and mind improvement with her community. Her extended experience as a physical health professional allows her to ad complete solutions to your wellness goals.


Colette Weber, Instructor

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Natalie Musser, Instructor

Natalie grew up in Los Angeles, where she discovered a love for dance and yoga. When she moved to the East Coast for college, she added Pilates and spin to her repertoire. After the birth of her first child, when free time became scarce, she realized how important making time for fitness truly is, not only for the physical strength required for this new role, but also for the mental benefits. Then Natalie discovered rebounding at Tanya Scott’s Boundless in late 2017 and found her perfect workout.

Growing up, she dreaded any and all fitness tests that required running. It just didn’t feel good on her body. When she got her first, very basic rebounder from Amazon, she knew she was onto something. She’d be able to improve her cardiovascular health and cleanse her lymph system at the same time without having to run all over her house! Not long after discovering Boundless, she upgraded to a Bellicon, which she highly recommends. 

Natalie’s favorite pastimes include spending time with her husband and two young daughters and gardening. She believes in dancing every day (even if just for a few seconds) and that the foundation for a great class is a killer playlist. Natalie looks forward to meeting all of you in one of her classes! 


Robin McNalt, Instructor